Our sustainability strategy is based on commitments and adhesions to voluntary initiatives to promote sustainable development, endorsed by awards and recognitions.



Valuing diversity and promoting inclusion are commitments that drive sustainable human development, in addition to generating engagement, creativity and business innovation.


EDP Institute

The EDP Institute is a platform for relationships with stakeholders that are in some way connected to the socio-environmental dimension of the company.




Plastic Nature

Committed to being a 100% green company by 2030, EDP ​​understood the importance of supporting the Plastic Nature exhibition. For this reason, we develop and support initiatives that, through art, drive change and provoke reflection.



Performance ESG

EDP Brasil is a Company committed to ESG excellence and that believes in Sustainability as the main value of an integrated strategy. In the 2021-2025 Business Plan, the Company reiterates its commitment to leadership in the energy transition, supporting the construction of a more sustainable society.



Lamps disposal program


EDP Brazil is one of Reciclus partner companies, working together for implement an Lamp Reverse Logistic in Brazil. And now you can disposal your lamps in one of our agencies.



Corporate Policy

The sustainability approach of EDP Brasil is based on the EDP Group's Principles of Sustainable Development, formalized through EDP's Innovation and Sustainability Policy and approved by the Group's Board of Directors.

Sustainability Channel