What is it?

As of 2021, EDP Brazil, in partnership with Reciclus, started to offer collection points suitable for the correct disposal of light bulbs that will no longer be used. The pilot program has 11 collection points in the state of São Paulo and 11 collection points in Espírito Santo. The project is in line with the goals and commitments assumed by EDP Brasil regarding issues related to waste management related to the electricity sector chain and also seeks to meet a demand raised by the customers themselves. With the adhesion of customers to the program, EDP Brasil hopes to positively contribute to the implementation of Reverse Logistics and Circular Economy initiatives in the country, being an effective agent for promoting sustainable initiatives related to Waste Management.


arte com fundo cinza com uma mao segurando uma lampada

Our Partnership

Reciclus is the partner association in the national program that is responsible for operates the Lamps Reverse Logistic, focused on lamps that has Mercury in its composition. Collect point are offered by Reciclus, and also all the operation for collecting and given the correct destination for the waste discarded.


Solution for a big problem

Properly disposing of discarded lamps is one of the urgent matters that must be faced. Fluorescent lamps contain substances that are harmful to the environment and to health, such as mercury.

Disposing of them with common garbage is a great danger, and it is with our future in mind that EDP Brasil has signed this partnership with Reciclus, offering suitable collection points for the disposal of lamps.


Where can i dispose?

Click here and check our agencies that has the collect point for dispose your lamp.