EDP Group supports initiatives guided by the External Social Investment Policy and the Sponsorship Policy, which covers investment decisions with direct and incentivized funds in Brazil.
The elements intrinsic to the concept of Private Social Investment are: concern with planning, alignment with business, monitoring and evaluation of projects, and strategy focused on the results of impact and social transformation, in addition to the community's involvement in the development of the action.


Voluntary, planned and monitored investment of private resources for the achievement of social and environmental projects of public interest.


Transfer of financial resources to institutions and legal entities from tax breaks and incentives (federal, state or municipal), based on taxes, such as: Income Tax; Tax on Circulation of Goods and Provision of Services; among others, for cultural, sports or social projects.
EDP Group companies in Brazil uses the tax benefits of tax incentive laws to contribute to Human and Social Development of the communities where they are present:

Lei Rouanet
Law For Cultural Incentives
Lei de incentivo ao Esporte
Sports Incentive Law
Fundo da Criança e Adolescente
Childhood and Adolescense Fund
Lei do Idoso
Law for the Elderly
PRONAS - Programa Nacional de Apoio à Atenção da Saúde da Pessoa com Deficiência
PRONON - Programa Nacional de Apoio à Atenção Oncológica
Ação Cultural
PROAC - Cultural Action Program/ SP
Investimento em Esporte
PIE - Sports Investment Program/SP

It is worth mentioning the fact that they are not included in the resources allocated in mandatory investments defined by the sector's regulatory agency.

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On an annual basis, IEDP opens a public selection for projects in sinergy with our investment goals.

Every year IEDP specifies witch type of projects are being pursued, and what´s going to be the amount and category of investment that will be available in each region.

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IEDP also receives projects all year round, looking for good investment opportunities.

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