Plastic Nature

The Exhibition

For EDP, art has the power to transform lifes. For this reason, we develop and support initiatives that, through art, stimulate changes and reflections. “Plastic Nature” exhibition, sponsored by EDP and developed by the artist Eduardo Srur, explores an very important and urgent theme for our society: plastic waste. Putting together iconical art works, re-builded with na new techinque and approach that uses only plastic bags, Srur takes us for a new perspective of the problem and makes us think: How can we reduce our plastic consumption in these modern days? With the provocative approach, we invite you to explore these virtual gallery and, also, to know differents sustainability programs devolped by EDP Group – company from energy sector that operates in Brazil for more than 20 years – and by EDP Institute – responsible for the management of the social investiments of EDP Group companies in Brazil.


Good exhibition!


Pintura do quadro de Van Gogh




"The idea of ​​the virtual gallery was born during the pandemic with the aim of becoming a tool for access, research, understanding and reflection on the history of art and the environment today. Just as my urban interventions reach the daily lives of thousands of people in the city, the virtual gallery will reach homes and schools of thousands more interested. Good art is art for everyone."

Eduardo Srur - Plastic artist


Foto de perfil de Dominic Schmal

"Sustainability is a central theme in EDP's business strategy and commitments. Therefore, supporting the Plastic Nature exhibition was in line with our premises of preservation, conservation and recovery of the environment. The transformation of plastic into art gives us a lesson in the importance of a circular economy and also in the urgency to reduce the pollution of water sources."

Dominic Schmal - Sustainability Director at EDP Brasil


Our compromise

EDP Brazil sees “Plastic Nature” project as an disruptive tool for working environmental awareness and education through art.
By supporting this project, we would like to present for our collaborators and clientes the negative cenario that we face when the topic is plastic waste and how our individual acts can contribute, postive or negative, for this context.



Know more about sustainability project executed by EDP.



Energy to Transform

Want to learn more about how social investment in culture could be na powerfull tool for positve social impact? Listen to our podcast “Energy for Transforming”, with the participation of Eduardo Srur and Paulo Ramicelli, from EDP Institute.