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The concept of Open Innovation is based on a collaborative process of relationship and connection between internal and external agents, such as the entrepreneurial ecosystem of startups, business partners, clients, academic institutions and regulatory bodies for the development of new projects, application of technologies and shared knowledge.

Internal Culture of Innovation

The Company's Internal Culture of Innovation is based on the principles of EDP, including "constant innovation" and "focus on solutions with a higher purpose". The Company disseminates the practice of innovation among employees, regardless of position or function. The goal is to provide a work environment open to new ideas and solutions. Initiatives such as:

Support for Entrepreneurship

EDP Brasil develops several programs and initiatives to support the entrepreneurial ecosystem that seek to identify and invest in innovative projects with development potential. Check out our main initiatives:

Innovation, Research & Development

Know here our Projects Cases:

Awards and Acknowledgments

- Value Innovation Award promoted by Valor Econômico and Strategy & edp won in 2018 the 3rd place in the sector ranking and 77th in the general ranking, having won a leading role among the 150 most innovative companies in Brazil. - Best Innovator Brazil 2017 promoted by AT Kearney and SuperBid edp won 16th place among the most innovative companies in Brazil.