edp brasil

EDP recognizes that the challenges of the market must be viewed from a perspective of complete reinvention, so that it is possible to adapt the company to changes in the socio-economic context in which it is inserted.

It was against this backdrop that the concept of Innovation was established.

"Innovability is a concept that we introduce into EDP and to which we attribute two meanings: on the one hand, the capacity that people, and of course organizations, have to develop in order to innovate and reinvent themselves constantly and, on the other hand, the convergence of concepts of innovation and sustainability. "
- Miguel Setas, CEO of EDP Brasil

Innovability has therefore emerged from the synergy of two interdependent pillars: Innovation and Sustainability.

It is using innovation as a tool to generate shared value, satisfying stakeholders.


Knowledge management focused on turning good ideas into value and improving processes with technological development.


Responsible development, aiming at generating shared value for all stakeholders.