EDP Institute


EDP Institute is responsible for all the social investments provided by EDP Group in Brazil, working as a relation plataform that contributes for social inclusion, life quality and community welfare where EDP operates.

Trought projects that provide acess for citizenship, culture, sports and education, EDP Institute has been achieving its purpose. Since 2008, contribute directly for human and social devolpment and reaffirm it´s management transparency.


Preservar a vida e ser agente da transformação social.


Fortalecer o trabalho de transformação social através dos quatro pilares de atuação do Instituto.

Inclusive Education

We believe that education is for everyone, and it´s the main tool for social transformation.

Educação Inclusiva

Fair Transtion

We know that the response for climate crises is only possible with a fair transition, based in clean and affordable energy.

Transição Justa

Healthy Society

Our role is to contribute for a healthier society and further social welfare.

Sociedade Saudável

Culture Transformation

We understand that art and culture are fundamental and we need to encourage, provide acess and preserv it.

Cultura Transformadora
In 2019
Mais de R$18 milhões investidos
EDP nas Escolas 1
36 projetos apoiados
Atuando nos estados de AP, CE, RN, TO, SP, ES, RS
806 Voluntários
In Our History
Mais de R$133 milhões investidos em Social
Mais de 3,3 milhões de pessoas beneficiadas direta ou indiretamente
EDP nas Escolas 1
400 projetos realizados
68 cidades impactadas
Atuando em 9 estados

Change the word, work together and do what you believe.

This is volunteering, connected with EDP Culture, taking our energy, talent, time and knowledge to look after organizations, environment and people. 

Always a positive agenda, integrated to EDP projects and with individual or collective interventions.