Contribute to the strengthening of public health policies and society well-being

Work Fronts

Médico e Paciente

Public Health

Programs focused on the improvement of public health infrastructure in Brazil.
Grupo de voluntários


Provides support to projects focused on the sensibilization and access to a healthy lifestyle.
Mãos unidas ao centro

Vulnerable Communities

Health and well-being projects to support low-income communities, indigenous, quilombolas and elderly people.
Accelerate a fair energy transition, based on clean and accessible energy for all.

Work Fronts

Prédio arborizado

New Frontiers

New products and services looking for an low carbon transition in communities.
Visão exterior do Planeta Terra

Climate Risks

Identification of climate risks in all vulnerable communities in the area where IEDP operates. 
Mulher com cesta de vegetais

Income Growth

Projects with low carbon tecnologies that provides income growth for those involved.
To promote education as tool for devolpment and social inclusion

Work Fronts


Environmental Education

Projects that provides content aimed at environmental emergence and shortage of resources.
Ilustração de tecnologias convergindo em Nuvem

Digital Inclusion

Acess to tecnology and distance education, providing digital inclusion in 100% of the schools attended by IEDP. 
Ilustração de Lâmpada

Training for Educators

Develop social and emotional skills for educators.
To preserve, provide access and promote art and culture as a vehicle of transformation to the society

Work Fronts

Menino escrevendo

Portuguese Language

Preservation of the linguistic heritage and lusophone culture.
Arte e Cultura

Art and Culture

Incentive to local peripheral artists.
Menino tocando violino


Use of music as a way of inclusion and promotion of social development.