Pioneer in the use of robotization to carry out repetitive processes in the electric sector in Brazil. Currently with 50 robots in operation, assisting in its internal activities and should reach more than 120 robotized processes by the end of 2018.

With the commitment to always highlight the human being as the focus of robotization processes, EDP analyzes case by case how the employees who performed the tasks assumed by the robotic systems can be trained for other functions, or re-qualified to assume activities of greater value added within the own areas. To that end, the Center of Excellence in Robotization was created, aimed at training people in robotic theory and practice. The first 20 graduates went through intensive courses to learn how to program the systems and identify which types of functions could be automated. On that front, positions such as Robotizing Process Analyst, Robotization Programmer, Robot Manager and Auditor were also created. The Company also promoted a change in the profile of the work performed by those who were responsible for the activities it has already robotized, including filling tax guides and bank reconciliation. Officials who failed to do much of the transactional needs and started to have more time for a more qualitative component and a critical analysis of the results that come from the repetitive processes. As early as November of 2017 a pioneering Research & Development project was started for artificial intelligence systems applied to the area of energy distribution. With an investment of R $ 8.3 million over 18 months, the project will study the impacts of process automation with latest generation robots.