In an increasingly fast-paced world, making quick decisions and transforming itself in the face of great opportunities is imperative for companies to survive. Several studies have been done on “exponential organizations”, and one of the theories defended is to change the current working model, which is hierarchical, bureaucratic and slow. Given this context, the project * EDP Agility Transformation * arises, with the objective of obtaining organizational agility and ensuring that the company moves forward in relation to the changes of scenery.

The project consists in the development of a hybrid model of organizational structure supported by agile methodologies, service design and collaboration. The teams of employees begin to operate in hybrid systems, called Hubs and Journeys. Hubs are small groups that work focused on projects with a beginning, middle and an end. Already the journeys are basically the routines reoriented from the point of view of service design ensuring a process perspective, fully integrated and focused on the customer experience.