Who Are We

With more than 20 years in Brazil, we are a leader energy company, that works to take our energy to more than 3.5 million clients in São Paulo and Espírito Santo. Integrating our culture and values with our clients, workers and the environment.



What We Believe

Promoting a more humane and receiving workplace for our team, we value diversity and inclusion and agree to take this commitment to our clients and society.

At EDP we develop new talents to represent gender, race, sex orientation, deficiencies, age, origins and culture diversity.

All different, one energy.

Semana da Diversidade


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What We Offer

What We Offer

Greatest Companies to Work

We've been elected for 4 straight year onde of the Greatest Companies to Work in Brazil. The ranking is from Você S/A magazine.

The Guide evaluates people management practics and workplace, We were highly evalueted in Sustainability and Diversity managements and Employer Branding. 

Pessoas trabalhando em volta de uma mesa

What We Offer

Most Innovative Company of The Electricity Sector

We were considered the most innovative company on the Energy category in Brazil, for the Prêmio Valor Inovação Brazil, the most recongnized in the country.

The world is changing and our path as a global company is clear: to lead the energy transition and create positive value for all. Our energy and heart drive a better tomorrow. 

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