EDP Brasil inaugurated the first laboratory specialized in Intelligent Electrical Networks in Latin America. Located at the Center for Studies in Regulation and Quality of Energy (ENERQ in Portuguese), the space functions as a controlled environment for conducting research in the area of Smart Grids and Quality of Energy Supply, aiding in the technological evolution of the country’s distribution system.

Among the functionalities of the laboratory, it’s worth highlighting the presence of a Virtual Operation Center, which simulates the existing systems in the distributors of energy and allows the evaluation of new systems and technologies before they are applied in the operation. In addition, the core has equipment for the emulation of the operation of devices and smart gauges, basic components for the creation of Smart Grids.

The Virtual Operating Center also allows the training and the qualification of technicians to use and monitor Intelligent Networks. The idea is to bring the Brazilian electrical system closer to what is considered the future of energy distribution in the world, and to train specialists capable of operating and managing the new technologies.