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EDP takes solar energy generation to 19 public schools in Espírito Santo

Wednesday 22, July 2020

Investment of more than R$ 600 thousand will provide savings of approximately R$ 90 thousand per year for educational institutions

EDP, an electric energy distributor in Espírito Santo, completed the installation of photovoltaic panels in 19 public schools in the state. The action is part of the “Boa Energia nas Escolas” [Good Energy in Schools] project, which, in addition to implementing the energy generation system through the sun, takes knowledge and educational activities on the safe and efficient use of electricity.

A total of 190 solar panels (10 units for each school) were installed with a generation capacity of 102,600 kWh/year, providing a reduction of 61.75 tons of CO2 per year and corresponding to savings of approximately R$ 90 thousand per year. Installations of solar power generation systems took place between December 2018 and June 2020.

“Boa Energia nas Escolas”, developed through the distributor's Energy Efficiency Program - PEE, uses the PROCEL Education methodology and is regulated by Aneel (National Agency of Electrical Energy), which has been taking place since 2011, requiring an investment of more than R$ 10 million.It is an educational project that goes far beyond the installation of photovoltaic panels and has already benefited 987 state and municipal education institutions, training about 3,849 educators and covering more than 365 thousand students in 40 municipalities in the state.

In addition to developing activities in the classroom, students have the opportunity to participate in activities in a laboratory truck, which offers a series of experiments, games and videos, which address and reinforce in a playful and fun way the importance of awareness and use safe when it comes to electricity.

"Making better use of the resources we have available is essential for the planet's sustainability. For this reason, EDP invests in several Energy Efficiency actions, including an educational initiative, to disseminate the concepts of rational use of energy. In addition, we also promote distributed generation, with the installation of solar panels in public educational institutions ", highlights EDP manager, Alexandre Rodello.

Check the schools that received the solar panels for power generation

Check the schools that received the solar panels for power generation