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EDP registers an increase in occurrences with kites in the electric grid and about 85 thousand customers were without power during the quarantine

Tuesday 26, May 2020

Number of interruptions, between April 1 and May 15, was 585% higher than in the same period of 2019

EDP, an electric energy distributor in Espírito Santo, warns of the significant increase in occurrences related to kites in the electricity grid during the month of April and the first half of May, a period that coincides with the recommendation authorities for social isolation and suspension of school classes, as prevention of contagion by Covid-19. Between April 1 and May 15, there was an increase of 585% in the number of customers whose energy supply was interrupted. About 85 thousand were affected and, in the same period of 2019, that number was 14.5 thousand. In the number of occurrences, there were 357 orders, 565% higher compared to the same period in 2019.

In this context of a pandemic, in which the supply of electricity becomes more essential, whether to supply health units, hospitals, markets and homes, the impact of interruptions is even more worrying. In addition, the growth of these events poses another threat: the risk of serious accidents.

Afonso Celso da Silva, executive manager of EDP operation, reinforces the importance of safe playing and respecting the guidelines of social isolation. “We always work to restore the power supply as quickly as possible, but our main concern is with security, especially in this quarantine period. We know that cerol and Chilean lines are still widely used and, depending on their composition, they can be energy conductors, with the potential to cause serious accidents with those who are playing and with other people. In a period of social isolation, it is recommended to prioritize games where there is no need to leave the house. ”

The manager points out that the lines of kites with wax or sharp products cause disconnections when breaking the power cables and, also, they can cause short circuits, when they get stuck in the wiring and be pulled, interrupting the supply of energy to the residents of the region. 

 Guidelines for flying kites safely

  • Flying kites in places like slabs and walls should be avoided. The proximity to the high voltage wires increases the risk of serious and fatal accidents, in addition to the danger of falls;
  • In addition to being prohibited, the cerol and the so-called “Chilean line” pose a risk for those who are flying the kite and also for third parties, such as motorcyclists and pedestrians, in addition to offering danger in contact with the power grid. When cutting the protective layer of the wiring, the line interrupts the transfer of electric current, which may cause a short circuit;
  • Fly kites away from the power grid, in places where there is no type of power cable, telephone service or cellular antennas. This avoids accidents and interferes with the quality of these services;
  • If the kite is caught in the electrical wires, do not try to remove it. Never use sticks or climb up the pole to take a kite. A shock in these cases can be fatal. Only technicians from the distributor, trained for this job, which requires the use of safety equipment, are able to handle the network.
  • Throwing objects into the power grid to rescue the kite can cause serious accidents. The “cat launcher” (stone attached to a line), or any other object, must not be thrown on the net;

An accident caused by electrical discharge can leave sequelae like burns and, in more extreme cases, cause death. To raise public awareness and guide children and adults on how to reduce risks when playing, EDP and the EDP Institute carry out projects with the communities in the municipalities where the concessionaire operates. More information on electric power security can be accessed at www.edp.com.br/seguranca.

In case of occurrences with the electric network, customers should contact through the website www.edponline.com.br, EDP Online application for smartphones or by the Customer Service (CS) at 0800 721 0707. To inform a power failure, it is also possible to send an SMS to 28037 with the message No Power.

Number of customers who have been without power in the last 45 days * by city

(*from April 1st to May 15th)

Number of customers who have been without power in the last 45 days * by city