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EDP provides guidance on the suspension of energy cut guidelines for residential and essential service customers

Saturday 28, March 2020

Residences, hospitals and health centers serving the population will benefit, but he advises that they should continue with regular payment of bills. The measures are valid for 90 days.

EDP, in line with the guidelines of the National Agency of Electrical Energy (Aneel) for all concessionaires in the country, informs that it will not suspend the supply of energy for non-payment to all residential customers in the concession area, in addition to those considered essential, such as hospitals and health centers serving the population. The supply cut of these units is temporarily suspended, according to the Regulatory Resolution of the regulatory body, decided on Tuesday, March 24. 

Despite the suspension of the energy cut, Aneel reinforces the importance for customers to continue paying their bills normally, since energy consumption will continue to be charged during this period, avoiding the accumulation of debts. Therefore, conscious and rational consumption of energy becomes even more necessary. The energy bill is formed from the costs of the entire chain of the Brazilian electric system (generation, transmission and distribution of energy), in addition to taxes and duties that ensure that the state can use the resources to implement public policies and, in this moment to fight against Coronavirus. 

To minimize the need for delivery of correspondence by physical means and to ensure receipt of the energy bill, EDP guides the customer to register the invoice submission through EDP Online, www.edponline.com.br, or using the application EDP Online, available on all smartphone and tablet platforms. At EDP Online, the customer can also opt for the virtual receipt of other communications from the Distributor, in addition to negotiating possible open debits and self-reading their consumption.