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EDP promotes exhibitions, concerts and debates in the 17th FLIP

Friday 05, July 2019

Musicians Adriana Calcanhoto and Dino d’Santiago and author Grada Kilomba are amongst confirmed attractions. Exposés on the Ipiranga museum and the Portuguese Language museums complete the schedule

For the third consecutive year, EDP, company present in all segments of the Brazilian electric sector, is sponsoring the International Literary Festival of Paraty  (Flip) happening from the 10th to the 14th of July in the state of Rio de Janeiro. The company brings to the event a series of concerts, literary sittings and even culinary demonstrations. “In this edition of Flip, EDP as the largest Portuguese investor in Brazil, brings a sample of the best in our literature, music, history and gastronomy, focusing on attractions specially designed to celebrate the Portuguese-Brazilian bond” highlights Miguel Setas, president of EDP in Brazil. 

First company to announce an endorsement of R$ 12 million for the restauration of the Ipiranga Museum, closed since 2013, EDP brings to the Noble Salon in Paraty’s House of Culture an exposé with historical images showcasing the original construction of the museum in 1885, and the urban evolution around the building throughout the following centuries.  

At the festival on the 12th of July at 10:30 AM, a literary sitting will be held called D. Pedro I – the Heart of the King, with historian and journalist Iza Salles, author of the sitting’s namesake book, and Vera Tostes, historian and museologist, member of the Geographical and Historical Brazilian Institute. They will debate the history surrounding Friar Antônio de Arrábida, following events from the arrival of the Portuguese court in Rio de Janeiro in 1808 until the emperor’s death in Portugal. For history buffs, the event is rich in details of the imperial period and that of D. Pedro I’s personality, along with the backstage of the country’s political history. The panel will be moderated by José Luiz Alquéres from EDP.

O n Saturday the 13th at 10:30 AM, the Noble Hall will also host a debate on the history surrounding the construction of the Ipiranga Museum and the interventions that will be made aiming its restoration from September this year onwards. The panel will be made up of the Museum’s director, Solange Ferraz de Lima, and Pablo Hereñú, architect responsible for the building-monument’s restauration.

Wearing poetry on the sleeve

EDP is also the master sponsor for the reconstruction of the Portuguese Language Museum in São Paulo, and promotes the Open Square, at the foot of the bridge in the center of Paraty, an interactive exposé explaining the origins of popular sayings in Portuguese, as well as particularities of the language in different regions of the country and of Portugal.

O n the space in front of The Energy of the Portuguese Language exposé, the visitor will enjoy a pool of letters; tattoo with henna words and extracts from poems with the help of a tattoo artist; and decorate panels with stamps.  

Music coursing through our veins

O n the stage set up in front of The Energy of the Portuguese Language exposé, singer and composer Adriana Calcanhotto presents on Thursday the 11th, at 10:30 PM a repertoire that gathers songs and poetry of both Brazilian and Portuguese origin. 

O n the following day (the 12th), Portuguese artist Dino d’Santiago takes the stage from 11:59 PM onwards. The musician born in Cape Verde was the top winner of the 2019 Play – Portuguese Music Awards, under the categories of Best Solo Artist, Best Album (Nôbu World) and Critic’s Award. The concert also features Angolan musician Kalaf Epalanga.  

O n Saturday the 13th at 2:15 PM rapper Vinicius Terra takes the stage. The artist who is also a cultural articulator and a professor in Portuguese and Literature, is considered a singular and pioneer figure in hip-hop culture for promoting stronger bonds between Portuguese speaking countries.


O n Friday the 12th at Noon, the Noble Salon of the Culture House will host a showcooking with Portuguese chef Miguel Laffan, winner of a Michelin start, and Ana Bueno, chef of Banana da Terra, a local Paraty restaurant.

At they will gather to execute for the onlookers a recipe pulled straight out of a history book. The idea is to reproduce techniques and flavors of Portuguese culinary from other centuries.

Nofficial Circuit

O n Thursday the 11th at 8:30 PM, Angloan musician and writer Kalaf Epalanga will feature as a guest of the Museum of the Portuguese Language Panel on the official Flip circuit. The artist gained prominence fronting the band Buraka Som Sistema, paramount of the kuduro rhythm. He currently defines himself as a “cultural agitator” and is cofounder of the musical label Enchufafa, has a column in both the Portuguese newspaper Publico and GQ Portugal, as well as Angolan independent newspaper Rede Angola. Kalaf will talk about his musical trajectory, the history of kuduro and kizomba, and will recollect the city of Benguela in Angola, as well as Lisbon, city that took him in. The panel takes place in the Matriz Auditorium.  

Renowned writer and plastic artist Grada Kilomba is the main guest for the EDP panel on Friday the 12th at 7 PM, also in the Matriz Auditorium. Born in Portugal and raised in São Tomé and Principe (former Portuguese colony in Africa), Grada will discuss her work focused on racism, gender and post-colonialism. The author, who uses elements of reading and theatrical performances to express her craft, unveils at the event the book Memórias da Plantação: Episódios do Racismo Cotidiano (Memoirs of a Plantation: Daily Episodes of Racism). 

Museum of Portuguese Language Itinerary

At the Museum of Portuguese Language promotes on the 12th the first Flip international slam. The spoken poetry battle called Flip Slam is part of Flip’s main program and gathers poets from six countries. On the 13th, the Portuguese Language Slam will feature Brazilian artists and an open mic available for the public.

Curated by Roberta Estrela D’Alva, one of the pioneers of the slam movement in Brazil and content consultant of the Museum of Portuguese Language (in the Falares experience), the Flip Slam will be held in the Praça Auditorium and gathers poets and performers Pieta Poeta (Brazil), Edyoung Lennon (Cape Verde), Raquel Lima (Portugal), Porsha Olayiwola (USA), Joelle Taylor (England) and Salva Soler (Spain). The Slam of the Portuguese Language on the other hand will be held in the courtyard of the Paraty Culture House, welcoming poets from the slam scene and international Portuguese-speaking slam participants to open the battle of spoken poetry, which will feature young people from the region of Paraty and registration for public participation. The presentation is by Emerson Alcalde, from the Guilhermina (SP) Slam.

At the participation of the Museum of Portuguese Language at the 17th International Literary Festival in Paraty - Flip is an initiative of the Roberto Marinho Foundation and the Government of São Paulo, sponsored by EDP, Grupo Globo and Itaú Cultural.