Registration open for the 4th edition of EDP Live Bands

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Registration open for the 4th edition of EDP Live Bands

Wednesday 13, February 2019

Independent bands have until March 12 to register; The winner will play at NOS Alive’19 in Portugal and record their own CD

Rock or pop rock bands dreaming of playing at an international festival can start getting ready: registration for the fourth edition of EDP Live Bands Brazil is now open.  The winning Band will be given an opportunity to play at NOS Alive’19, one of Europe's biggest music festivals which will be held from July 11-13 in Lisbon, Portugal, and record their own CD.

Registration runs until March 12. To participate, groups should register an original song on the competition website, Audio and video clips from participating bands will be available on the interactive platform, which also has a Facebook interface. 10 of the 36 semi-finalists will be selected by popular vote and the remaining 26 will be chosen by a competition jury, which will judge criteria such as originality and technical and musical quality.

The semi-finalists will be revealed at the end of March, when the second round of voting begins. Eight bands will be chosen for the grand finale, three by online vote and five by the competition committee. The finalists will play live on April 27 at Bourbon Street Music, in Sao Paulo, where the jury will choose the winning band.

The competition has been running in Portugal since 2014 and since it began, over 6,500 bands have registered to take part. This year, Spain will be holding its second edition of the competition.

EDP Live Bands Brazil is the result of a partnership between EDP, a company that operates across all segments of the electricity industry, and event producer Everything is New, with institutional support from Lounge Magazine.

“EDP Live Bands connects independent Brazilian bands with the European music scene. The competition’s main mission is to use the energy of music to bring people and nations together”, said Paulo Campos Costa, EDP Group communications director.

From Brazil to Portugal

Last year, Sound Bullet, a band from Rio, won the Brazilian competition. The band began in 2009 with singer and guitarist Guilherme Gonzalez, bass player Fred Mattos and drummer Pedro Mesquita. The band became a quintet when it was joined by guitarists Henrique Wuensch and Rodrigo Tak-ming. The band’s sound is one of pulsing chords, an energetic drumbeat and expressive vocals - Sound Bullet’s musical trademark.

The finalists in the 2018 edition of EDP Live Bands Brazil were of very high quality and the juries decided to award an honorable mention, in addition to the winner’s prize. That honor went to Bibiana Petek, a musician from Porto Alegre who has been involved in the music scene since she was a child. When she was 20, she issued her first album “Dengo” and in 2014 she was voted on of Brazil most promising young singers at the Deezer - ABMI New Talent Awards in Rio de Janeiro.

Both Sound Bullet and Bibiana Petek were given the opportunity to play in the lineup at the famous NOS Alive festival, in Portugal.

Competition Timetable




Registration and voting start


Registration ends


The first round of voting ends


Semifinalists are announced and the second round of voting begins


The second round of voting ends


Finalists announcement


The big finale and live concert

11, 12, 13/07

NOS Alive’19 Festival

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