One of the main activities of monitoring in the electric sector is the inspection of the lines of transmission and distribution of energy. These activities are done traditionally by hand, in the case of Distribution with on-site personnel inspecting and evaluating faults in the network, and in the case of Transmission, inspections are usually done by contracting helicopters for flights that allow visual inspections. Often these inspections are carried out in a corrective manner, with a high cost, exposure to the risk of accidents and direct impact on the quality of the energy service, with direct impact on the DEC and FEC, indicators of duration and frequency in the interruption of energy.

The SIAD-AERO project contemplates the use of drones as a vehicle for autonomous / assisted inspection, thus replacing human and manual activity. The project involves two categories of drones: multi-chopper (used for vertical and horizontal inspections at small distances with high visual accuracy) and fixed-wing (used for long-haul flights at high speed). Both are coupled with high resolution cameras, infra red, GPS systems in duplicate, flight plan system used by aeronautics, image recognition system linked to artificial intelligence and parachute, in addition to a mobile station for assisted operation at ground level.