edp in schools

Over the course of four months, schools in the municipal education networks in EDP’s areas of expertise had the opportunity to increase their knowledge of clean energy through debates promoted by the EDP Institute on the intelligent use of energy.

Students in grades 1 through 9 of elementary school were challenged to express their thoughts on the subject through the Art with Energy Contest. More than 1200 works of drawing, painting and / or collage were created, of which about 200 were chosen by the school community (directors, teachers, and the students themselves) to play in the final.

The result of the Art with Energy Contest was the creation of a calendar with the 27 winning works, chosen by a judging panel made up of representatives of the company and the partners, Instituto Tomie Ohtake and Inmetrics. The winning works were from the states of Espírito Santo (Cachoeiro do Itapemirim and Baixo Guandu), Tocantins (Peixe and São Salvador), Santa Catarina (Água Doce), Rio Grande do Norte (Parazinho), and Rio Grande do Sul (Tramandaí).

Check out the winning works of the 2015 edition of the Art Competition with Energy below

FERREIRA, Gabriella Silva; Untitled; Prof. Priscila Borba Ferri; 2nd Year; EMEF Jorge Enéas Sperb; Tramandaí - RS; Collage and colored pencil; 2015.