Location: Paranaitá (MT) / Jacarareacanga (PA) - Teles Pires River

Installed Capacity: 700 MW

Operation Start: May 2018

Concession Term: 35 years

Website: saomanoelenergia.com.br

General data

Name: São Manoel HPP

Owning Company: EDP/CTG/Furnas

Hydrographic Basin: Amazon Basin

Supplying Reservoir: Teles Pires River

Physical features

Usable tank volume (Hm³): 577.22

Dam type: Rockfill

Power station type: Hydroelectric

Number of alternators: 4

Turbine Type: Kaplan

Energy features

Net power (MW): 424.5 MWmed

Average energy production/year: 3.718.62 GWh

Number of groups: 4

Equipment maximum flow: 700 MW