edp in schools
The Programme

Created in 2002, this program was integrated in the activities of the EDP Institute in 2008 in the States of Brasil where EDP operates: Espírito Santo, Rio Grande do Norte, Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina, São Paulo and Tocantins.

Since the start, EDP At School benefited over 230 thousand students in almost 771 schools, investing over R$ 10 Millions to provide learning tools, promote integration of art and energy, giving incentives to the participation of the community in school life. It is a way to provide better health  for students and mobilize partners towards helping in education.

To develop activities like the delivery of school kits, school theatre, a better social environment, cultural competitions, empowering teachers and oral health campaigns, as well as a rational use of electric energy, the EDP Programme relies on the support of volunteers, prefectures, social organisms and associations as well as partner companies.

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