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Organized by EDP, SENDI 2020 is launched in Vitória

Friday 23, August 2019

For the first time, the Abradee Award ceremony, which recognizes the most outstanding energy Distributors on the national scenario, will be held during the event

Held every two years, the National Electricity Distribution Seminar (SENDI) is today the largest event in the electricity distribution segment in Brazil. In 2020, from June 23rd to 26th, the event will have as its theme “The future of the sector - Decarbonization, Decentralization and Digitization”, addressing the macrotrends of transformation of the energy industry. For the first time in Espírito Santo, it is expected that around 4,000 people from all over the country and abroad will attend the XXIV SENDI.

At the seminar will take place at the Carapina Pavilion, in Serra, and is being organized by EDP, Company that operates throughout the value chain of the Brazilian electricity industry, and promoted by the Brazilian Association of Electricity Distributors (Abradee).

SENDI will occupy an area of over 20,000 square meters and will offer large circulation to the participants integrated to ExpoSendi, where the booths will be installed, as well as 12 silent arenas where the debate panels, work presentations and lectures will occur.

With a diversified schedule, the event will also feature demoday (space focused on startups) and legal seminar, among others. SENDI also hosts the National Electrician Rodeo, a competition between electricians from all over the country, demonstrating the accomplishment of their daily tasks, sharing safe and innovative practices to all Brazilian concessionaires.

“For SENDI 2020, we will bring something new: for the first time the ceremony of the Abradee Award, which promotes recognition to the most outstanding Energy Distributors in the national scenario, will be held during the event,” reveals the director of EDP in Espírito Santo, João Brito Martins.

At the EDP director also emphasize the importance of holding the event for the state of Espírito Santo. “Bringing the largest seminar in the electricity distribution segment to Espírito Santo reaffirms EDP commitment to the State, as we know that the event, which brings together around 4,000 visitors from all over the country and abroad, for a week, is a great opportunity to promote the state, promote tourism and move the economy. ”

Abradee chairman, Marcos Aurélio Madureira da Silva, adds about the importance of the event for the industry. “This is the greatest moment in the Brazilian energy distribution industry, when we have the opportunity to bring together all stakeholders, in a structured and shared way, to contribute to the evolution of the segment, with the primary objective of improving the conditions of service to the electricity distribution market".

About EDP in Espírito Santo

EDP, the energy distributor of Espírito Santo, is among the most investing private companies in the state. Contributing to economic and sustainable development and bringing comfort and quality of life to the capixabas (native people from Espírito Santo), in the last five years, the Company has made investments totaling R$ 1.3 billion.

Its concession area comprises 70 of the 78 municipalities of the state, covering more than 90% of its territory and its population, and the Concessionaire is responsible for generating about 4,000 direct and indirect jobs.

EDP investment plan in the State includes the areas of expansion and modernization of the electricity grid, equipment preventive replacements, loss prevention and infrastructure and customer service, which are fundamental for the continuity of superior service, as well as increased safety of the electricity system. This infrastructure enhances the ability of Espírito Santo to attract new companies and investors, as a safe and reliable electricity grid is one of the main attractions for the installation of new industries and businesses in the state. 

EDP in Espírito Santo is among the best distributors in Brazil in terms of quality of service and Vitória is the best performing capital in Brazil with an average interruption of less than 3 hours per year.

Aware of its social and environmental responsibility, EDP develops actions that benefit the communities, such as the free School of Electricians, aimed at young people seeking a professional qualification.

Athrough the Instituto EDP, the Distributor develops initiatives to generate income, improve the quality of the student environment, encourage sports and health support. In the last 10 years, about 90 thousand people have benefited from more than 150 social actions in Espírito Santo.

About Abradee

Abradee brings together 41 state-owned and private electricity distribution concessionaires operating in all regions of the country, which together account for 99.6% of service for Brazilian consumers. It has been operating for 44 years for the development of the Brazilian electricity distribution industry.

At the Abradee goal is to contribute to the development of the country through a sustainable and efficient electric power distribution segment, with quality services recognized by its customers. The vision is to add value to distribution companies, customers and to the country, becoming an effective agent for the development of the electricity industry.