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EDP's Solidarity Efficiency Project replaces 60,000 lamps with LED bulbs

Monday 19, August 2019

Guaratinguetá, Taubaté, São Sebastião and Mogi das Cruzes will receive “Led Truck” from EDP; each resident may replace up to six lamps

At the fourth edition of the Solidarity Efficiency project from EDP, the electricity distributor of Alto Tietê, Vale do Paraíba and the North Coast of São Paulo, will replace 60,000 higher consumption light bulbs (incandescent, halogen or compact fluorescent) with LED of residential customers of the cities of Guaratinguetá, Taubaté, São Sebastião and Mogi das Cruzes. The first stop of the “Led Truck” trading post will be between August 19th and 24th, at Praça Conselheiro Rodrigues Alves, in Guaratinguetá.

At the action aims to encourage the correct and safe use of electricity, benefiting the residents of the concession area. In addition to the lamps, educational newsletters on safe and efficient energy use will be delivered and at the end of the program, 250 LED tubular bulbs will be donated to social institutions in the region.

Since the beginning of the project, 144,000 light bulbs have been replaced by local residents of 15 cities and 30 benefited social institutions. The energy savings generated were 5,642 megawatts-hour/year (MWh/year), which corresponds to the annual supply of approximately 2,350 homes. All lamps delivered by customers at the time of replacement were intended for environmentally friendly disposal.

“The Solidarity Efficiency project brings real savings to customers by replacing lamps, as lighting can represent about 15% of the electricity bill depending on the family consumption habits. In addition, the program fulfills an important social role of reinforcing awareness about the rational and safe use of electricity and natural resources”, says EDP executive manager Luciano Cavalcante.

At the lamps´ trading post was also designed to stimulate environmental awareness. The “Led Truck” is self-sustaining, works with 100% solar energy, the lighting is full LED and the design was made by the artist Baba Jung from Minas Gerais, known for his paintings on train wagons and parts of the railway universe.

Comparison between lamps

Lamp type

Compact Fluorescent

Power (W)

Luminous flux (Im)

Color temperature (k)

Shelf-life (hours)

25,000 (about ten years)

How to participate in the Solidarity Efficiency project

At the customer must live in the city where the Led Truck is parked and go to the trading post, with the latest electricity bill, ID, besides presenting the energy bills paid. At the post, he/she will deliver up to five incandescent, halogen or compact fluorescent lamps to receive the same amount of LED.

If you are registered to receive the energy bill by email or register at the time of trading, he/she will get a Bonus lamp. EDP email bill is a service that combines sustainability with practicality. The application eliminates paper issuance and the customers receive up to two email addresses in advance and securely. 

At the Solidarity Efficiency project is part of EDP Energy Efficiency Program - PEE, regulated by the National Agency of Electrical Energy (ANEEL). Aiming to preserve natural resources and promoting education for the intelligent use of electricity, thus avoiding waste, the EDP PEE carries out projects in the concession area that seek for awareness, making energy to be used with responsibility.

Learn more about Solidarity Efficiency, visit edpsp.eficienciasolidaria.com.br.


Solidarity Efficiency Project

Guaratingueta: 8 thousand lamps available

Date: August 19-24th, 2019 

Schedule: Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm and Saturdays and holidays from 9am to 1pm. 

Venue: Praça Conselheiro Rodrigues Alves – Centro – Guaratinguetá

Taubate: 20 thousand lamps available

Date: August 26th to September 7th, 2019 

São Sebastião: 8 thousand lamps available

Date: September 9-14th, 2019 

Mogi das Cruzes: 24,000 lamps available

Date: September 16-28th, 2019