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EDP invests over R$ 15 million in energy substation in Suzano

Monday 12, August 2019

New station will expand the capacity of the city’s energy system in 45%; the construction has a deadline to go live in December this year

EDP, energy distributor of the Alto Tietê, Vale do Paraíba and Litoral Norte regions of São Paulo, begins the construction of the Dona Benta Energy Transformation Station, in the county of Suzano. With investments surpassing R$ 15 million, the unit will benefit approximately 120 thousand clients.

Located in the neighbourhood that carries its namesake, the Dona Benta Sub-station is in civil construction phase and electro mechanic assembly, and has a due date to go live in December this year.

This construction aims to keep up with the growth and economical development of Suzano predicted for the next few years and also to strengthen the current system. Currently, the city of Suzano has three substations and with the Dona Benta ETD, the capacity of the energy system will be expanded by 45%, from the current 146MVA to 212MVA. In addition, the new ETD will have the function of increasing the flexibility of the energy system of other cities of Alto Tietê, as it will be connected to five existing units, Suzano, Itaquaquecetuba, Pedreira (itaquá), Manoel Areias Pereira and Brás Cubas ( Mogi das Cruzes).

Equipped with the latest technologies available related to efficiency and safety, ETD Dona Benta (88/13,8 kV) will sport a capacity of 66 MVA, distributed between eight middle tension feeders. The unit will also have an acoustics system to prevent the propagation of sound outside, reinforcing the principles of less impact towards the environment. The station is 100% digitalized and has its supervision, command, control and protection operated and supervised remotely via the Integrated Operation Center (IOC), located at EDP headquarters in Mogi das Cruzes.

At the construction, expansion and modernization of stations and distribution lines are essential to keep up with the increase in energy demand as cities grow. “The construction aims to ensure the highest possible customer service, reinforcing the reliability and quality of the power supply under optimal technical and safety conditions”, says Lauro Ribeiro, EDP executive engineering manager. EDP currently serves about 5 million people in 28 municipalities in São Paulo, through 63 substations.

In order to connect the Dona Benta ETD to the Distributor’s system, a new network will be built with technology that will provide greater protection, minimizing the impact of external agents such as vegetation, one of the main offenders of power supply quality in days of high winds and heavy rain.