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Mobile Expose “Energy of the Portuguese Language” visits Guaratingetá and Lorena

Thursday 01, August 2019

Visitors can have fun in the alphabet pool and stick to the skin stickers with words and poem excerpts

EDP, company present in all sectors of the Brazilian electric market, brings to Guaratingetá and Lorena the interactive expose on wheels “The Energy of the Portuguese Language”. The showing, which is free of charge and brings curiosities regarding our language, will take place in Guaratingetá on the 9th and 10th of August, and on the 23rd and 24th in Lorena.  

Using the mobile structure of a truck, the expose has a total of 300 square meters, allowing for visitors to know more about Portuguese speaking countries, and particularities and differences inherent to Portuguese spoken in Brazil and Portugal, showcasing curiosities of expressions common in this language, considered the fifth most spoken in the world.

Since its inauguration, this event has been to 18 cities in over eight states, and was attended by over 23 thousand people. “EDP is delighted to bring the expose The Energy of the Portuguese Language to Espírito Santo. It is a delightful showcase with many interactive activities that allow the visitor to learn more about our language whilst having fun”, states Catarina Craveiro, EDP’s marketing and events manager.

At the area in front of the event “the Energy of the Portuguese Language”, the visitor will be able to enjoy a pool made of letters; glue on his/her skin patches with words and extracts of poems, decorate panels with stamps and enjoy film showings.

Main Attractions

The space inside the mobile project counts on varied entertaining and interactive activities related to the Portuguese language:

  •  ‘Manifesto’ (Manifest): Located in the entrance, it will showcase on the wall as a carpet and will reveal all that goes on in the truck.

  •  ‘A Língua Portuguesa no Mundo, Viva a energia de estar lá (The Portuguese Language in the world, alive and the energy of being there): Visitors will get to know ten nations that speak Portuguese through each one’s culture. In a 360º visor, the countries can be ‘visited’. On the floor represented by a rose of the winds, will be the name of each country, and on the wall, pictures and curious expressions of each one.  

  •  ‘Linha do tempo Brasil X Portugal’ (Timeline of Brazil x Portugal): In this activity the visitor will have the opportunity to know more about famous poems from both countries, with access to the authors information, date, style, among other curiosities.

  • ´Gerador de Sotaques’ (Accent Generator): The visitor can dub parts of poems with an accent that they choose: Portugal or other states of Brazil and share in their social networks.

  •  ‘Uma Língua Cheia de Energia e História’ (A language full of History and Energy): This activity will show and explain the meaning of expressions that we use on a day to day basis: seven headed animal; the walls have ears; put your hand on the fire and so many others.

  •  ‘Letra por Letra’ (Word for Word): The visitor will have to spell words from our language, randomly selected by a vending machine. He who gets it right wins a book.

  • ‘EDP e o Museu da Língua Portuguesa’ (EDP and the Museum of Portuguese Language): From the Museum of the Portuguese Language, to Vitoria, from Vitoria to the Museum. A panel installed inside the truck will bring photos and information regarding the reconstruction of the Museum.

  • ‘Recite seu Poema’ (Recite your poem): To exit the truck, we will have the guests reciting a poem. These fragments will become a video that will be posted on EDP social networks.

  •  Área externa (External Area): The visitor can have fun in a pool of letters; glue onto their skin words and extracts of poems; and decorate panels with stamps. In addition, it will have a reading environment with a bookcase filled with books alongside beanbags and chairs. At night, the LED panel will become a movie screen, in which classics inspired by Brazilian literature will be shown.

Support of the Portuguese Language

EDP is the main sponsor for the reconstruction of the Museum of Portuguese Language, destroyed by a fire in December 2015. The investment is of R$ 20 million over a span of four years – which represents 26% of the total budget of the restoration. The re-opening of the museum is scheduled for the first semester of 2020.

At the company also announced recently a sponsorship of R$ 12 million for the restoration of the Ipiranga Museum, closed since 2013. The initiative is carried out supported by a Federal Law of incentive towards Culture, in contract with the University of São Paulo (USP).

At the company was also a supporter of the last three editions of FLIP - International Literary Festival in Paraty and in 2018 it supported the São Paulo Book Biennial for the second year.

About EDP in Brazil

With over 20 years in the market, EDP is one of the largest private companies in the Electricity sector to operate in all aspects of the supply chain. The company has more than 10 thousand collaborators between direct and third-party employees working with Energy Generation, Distribution, Transmission, Sales and Customer Service. It has six hydroelectric and one thermoelectric generating units and reaches around 3,5 million customers through its distribution grid in the states of São Paulo and Espírito Santos. Recently it became the main stock-holder of CELESC in the state of Santa Catarina. In Brazil, EDP is seen as a benchmark in Innovation, Governance and Sustainability, featuring for 13 consecutive years on the B3 Corporate Sustainability Index (ISE).