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EDP opens new substation and brings ‘Energy in Action’ campaign to Santa Maria

Monday 08, April 2019

The Company invested just over R$ 19.3 million in the substation, which will benefit over 120 thousand local residents in Santa Maria, Santa Teresa, Santa Leopoldina, Itarana and Domingos Martins

EDP, an electrical energy distributor from the state of Espírito Santo, has officially inaugurated the Santa Maria Substation, in Santa Maria de Jetibá. The Company invested R$ 19.3 million in the substation to triple its current energy capacity. The substation serves the city and Santa Teresa, Santa Leopoldina, Itarana and Domingos Martins and expansion will help support local economic development and offer over 120 thousand residents improved power supplies.

At the Santa Maria substation was expanded and modernized to increase voltage from 69 kV to 138 kV, which meant the substation capacity would be increased by from 25 MVA to 83 MVA. The substation now has two 41.3 MVA transformers with an installed capacity of 138/13.2 kV each and five 13.2 kV feeder lines.

At the 12 thousand m² facility is 100% digital and has a modern automation and supervision system. It is equipped with LED lighting to improve efficiency and underline the company’s commitment to the local community and the environment.

“The Santa Maria Substation’s increased capacity will boost power supplies and support economic growth across the region. The energy distribution infrastructure is now in a position to receive additional investment. This investment will also increase reliability in line with stringent technical and safety standards, improving the quality of local power supplies”, said João Brito Martins, an EDP Director, who also noted that the Company’s decision to invest in the substation is part of its plan to increase customer satisfaction.

8 km of new distribution lines have been deployed to connect the Santa Maria Substation with the EDP system. Innovative technologies were used during the construction, including drones to reduce the need to suppress vegetation when laying cables.  These technologies not only mitigate environmental impacts, but also provide additional protections that reduce the impact on external agents, such as vegetation, one of the main factors that reduces energy supply quality during strong wind and rain.

At the Santa Maria Substation - and all of the Company’s other substations - are fully automated to support quality assurance. Substation operations also comply with the group sustainability policy, which aims to reduce environmental impacts from site operations and includes a wide range of measure, such as construction of oil containment basins.

All Company substations are monitored remotely from the System Operations Center (SOC) in Carapina. The COS, which runs 24 hours a day, communicates directly with field service teams, helping to increase customer service efficiency for over 1.5 million customers. The Operations Center can also perform real-time monitoring of the entire energy grid supplying the Distributor’s concession areas and provide weather analyses.

“Energy in Action” Campaign

In addition to officially inaugurating the substation, the city of Santa Maria will also be welcoming EDP’s “Energy in Action” campaign this Wednesday and Thursday, April 10 and 11. The event is being held at Colono Square, in the city center.

At the Company is setting up a tent in the square on both days to distribute information, offer a range of services and offer local residents an opportunity to try out interactive games. Gifts will also be distributed.

At the campaign was created to offer customers guidance on the various services EDP offers and its customer service channels, teach people how to use electrically rationally and safely, answer questions and build a closer relationship with local residents.

“The Energy in Action campaign was created for our customers. We want to create a single venue where customers can come to ask questions, receive guidance and enjoy our recreational activities, which include tips on using electricity safely and efficiently”, said João Brito Martins.


“Energy in Action” Campaign

Dates: April 10 and 11

Times: Wednesday, 10, from 1 pm to 4 pm. Thursday, 11, from 9 am to 1 pm.

Place: Colono Square, City Center.

Santa Maria Substation Inauguration

Date: April 10

Time: 9.30 am

Place: Colono Square, City Center.