EDP customers can negotiate debts at the 2019 Online Clean Name Fair

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EDP customers can negotiate debts at the 2019 Online Clean Name Fair

Wednesday 13, March 2019

Negotiation campaigns runs until March 30; customers can contact the company via its website at www.serasaconsumidor.com.br/feirao

EDP, an electrical energy distributor from the Alto Tietê, Vale do Paraiba and the north coast of Sao Paulo regions, will be participating in the 23rd online Clean Name Fair, organized by Serasa Experian. Customers who would like to discuss repayment options can access the website through their computer or mobile device.                                               

The www.serasaconsumidor.com.br/feirao website offers a digital platform with free access to information to help customers settle outstanding bills with affiliated companies. The Clean Name Fair has already helped over 1 million customers.

EDP customers with outstanding debts using any of the distributor’s customer service channels will be offered customized terms to settle outstanding bills, avoiding potential power supply outages and credit restrictions. “Our customers can count on us to help them with our diverse range of payment options”, said Luciano Cavalcante, executive manager at EDP.

Negotiate without leaving home

EDP already offers online debt payment options. Customers can view payment options for outstanding bills and choose the one that best suits them through the EDP Online website, www.edponline.com.br, or via the EDP Online app, available on all smartphone and tablet platforms. All they need is their installation number and the account holder’s CPF.

In order to streamline the customer experience during negotiations, the company can also be contacted on Whatsapp via phone number (12) 9 9710-8056. Customers can also discuss overdue bill payment options calling the Customer Service number. In this case, the electricity bill account holder should contact customer service and be ready to provide their installation number and personal details (ID and CPF numbers). Calls to 0800 721 0123 are free and the hotline is available 24 hours a day.

Customers can also discuss any outstanding debts by visiting their local customer service center. Customers can find the address of their nearest branch on the EDP Online website.