The EDP LED Truck will replace 15 thousand light bulbs in Nova Venécia

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The EDP LED Truck will replace 15 thousand light bulbs in Nova Venécia

Wednesday 10, October 2018

The Eficiência Solidária (Community Efficiency) Project begins on October 13

The Community Efficiency project by EDP, an electrical energy distributor from Espírito Santo, will be visiting Nova Venécia.  From October 13 to 27, the EDP LED Truck will be parked in Adelio Lubiana Square, in the Beira Rio neighborhood, helping the city’s residents swap 15 thousand inefficient (incandescent, halogen or compact fluorescent) light bulbs for LED-technology bulbs, which are more efficient, safer and longer-lasting.

60 thousand LED light bulbs will be available to residents of Nova Venécia in this cycle of the program, which will continue in the cities of São Mateus and Aracruz. The campaign aims to benefit residents across the concession area and encourage people to use energy correctly. In addition to the initiative involving local residents, 250 LED light bulbs will be donated to regional social institutions at the end of the campaign.

Afonso Celso, executive manager at EDP, highlighted that “the Community Efficiency project will provide tangible savings to customers who replace their bulbs and serves an important social role by emphasizing the rational and safe use of electrical energy”. Over 15.4 thousand customers have benefitted from the campaign since the beginning of 2016. Energy generation savings reached 3,446.78 megawatts-hour/year (MWh/year), equivalent to the amount of electricity needed to supply approximately 1,400 households/month.  Furthermore, light bulbs exchanged by customers have been sent to an ecologically correct disposal center.

How to participate

Customers must reside in the city where the LED Truck is stationed and meet at the designated exchange point. There, they can hand over up to five incandescent, halogen or compact fluorescent light bulbs which can be exchanged for the same number of LED lights. If the customer receives their electricity bill via e-mail or registers their email when replacing their bulbs, they will receive an additional light bulb.

To qualify, customers must provide their latest electricity bill and an ID document, and have no outstanding bills.

To find out more about Community Efficiency, access the This campaign is part of the Energy Efficiency Program - EEP organized by EDP and regulated by ANEEL.

Light bulb comparison

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Nova Venécia

Date: 13 to 27 October, 2018

Time: Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm. Saturday and holidays, from 9 and to 1 pm.

Location: Adélio Lubiana Square, Beira Rio

About EDP

EDP has over 20 years’ experience and is one of the biggest private-sector companies operating across the entire value chain. The Company has over 10,000 direct and indirect staff and is involved in Energy Transmission, Sales and Services. It also operates 15 hydro power plants and one thermal power station. Its Distribution area serves around 3.4 million customers in Sao Paulo and Espírito Santo. The Company recently acquired a stake in CELESC, based in Santa Catarina. In Brazil, the company is noted for its Innovation, Governance and Sustainability and has been included in the B3 Business Sustainability Index (BSI) for 12 consecutive years.