principles and policies


Establish guidelines for EDP Brazil, in order to promote the care and appreciation of people through the development and professional improvement and personal and encouraging diversity.


The guidelines for People Management at EDP Brasil, which direct the actions of the company, are:

  • Consolidation and maintenance of EDP Culture;
  • Appreciation of diversity;
  • Non-discrimination, equal opportunities and transparency for all levels of positions;
  • Remuneration practices to ensure the attraction and retention of professionals;
  • Promotion of safety and well-being of its employees, in the company’s internal and external environment, and;
  • Encourage vocational training and continuous development of employees.

1.1. Culture

EDP ​​Brasil strives for life in the first place and is guided by principles related to respect, ethics, responsibility, equality, excellence, the team spirit, the shared knowledge, constant innovation, and customer value. The purpose of the organizational culture is to provide a positive working environment, with people satisfied at work, enabling balance between professional and personal life. Also, to encourage interaction between people, ensure employee motivation and create value for customers and other stakeholders.

1.2. Appreciation of diversity

EDP ​​Brasil considers human rights as fundamental and universal principles, and seeks to consolidate its practice based on this recognition. In line with its principles of sustainable development, the company understands the value of human and cultural diversity as a benefit for inclusion and integration of people, aiming at a more just society. In this way, it is committed, through principles and application of actions, to appreciate of diversity within the organization, promoting a work environment free of discrimination and providing fair opportunities for all in the selection process and awareness of employees. Initiatives are developed in people management to promote gender equity, ethnic groups, social classes and special needs. In addition, development characteristics and talents are encouraged to produce innovative and positive results for customers, employees, society, our partners and investors. Appreciation of diversity applies to the entire company's value chain and occurs in appreciation of people with cultural, ethnic, religious, sexual orientation, age, marital status, disability or other differences, in pursuit of personal results and the sustainability of the business. Initiatives are developed for evaluating and monitoring suppliers to promote diversity.

1.3. Recruitment and Selection​

EDP Brasil ensures the fulfillment of demands by professionals in different business units, through internal recruitment processes and external recruitment, in order to ensure non-discrimination, equal opportunities and transparency for all levels positions under CLT regime (Code of Brazilian Labor Law) and / or temporary jobs, in order to select professional profiles compatible with the competencies, skills and attitudes required by the company and the position.

1.4. Performance Management

EDP ​​Brasil is committed to increase the performance of employees and establish a competitive culture and focused on results through the application of mechanisms that promote meritocracy and a high-performance and performance culture.

1.5. Remuneration

EDP ​​Brasil strives for compensation practices to ensure external competitiveness and internal equity, attraction and retention of professionals with an effective management aligned with business strategy.

1.6. Benefits

EDP ​​Brasil manages its benefits policy in order to provide safety and well-being of its employees, in the company’s internal and external environment. In addition, it highlights your benefits package as a competitive advantage in attracting and retaining its employees. The company demonstrates its responsibility to its employees through the adoption of a package of benefits in line with market practices.

1.7. Training and Development

EDP ​​Brasil encourages professional training and continuous development of its employees, which retains technical, behavioral, organizational and management fields, are essential to the achievement of performance levels and expected excellence. In addition, professional development applies to the company's value chain through evaluation, monitoring and promotion of best practices in its suppliers and third parties.

1.8. People and Succession Planning

EDP ​​Brasil implements tools that ensure succession planning for management positions and critical functions, in order to guarantee the internal availability of professionals, proper knowledge management and business sustainability.