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About us

The EDP Institute represents the company’s commitment to human and social development through access to citizenship, culture, sports, and education; encouraging citizens to rethink their attitudes of consumption and social engagement, as well as expressing their investment in Brazil.

The EDP Institute is a platform for relationships with stakeholders that are in some way connected to the socio-environmental dimension of the company. It supports several initiatives in the communities where the Group companies operate, in large part, through public notices. It primarily uses tax relief resources, in line with the EDP Group’s Sponsorship Policy, which aims to:

  • Contribute to the social inclusion, quality of life, and well being of the communities where EDP works, promoting access and stimulating training;
  • Value diversity and regional cultures;
  • Strengthen commitment to innovation and sustainability.

The Institute invests in the community by promoting and supporting projects in two main strategic axes: Education & Local Development and Culture & Sport.

In Education & Local Development, it develops projects that aim to strengthen the human and social capital of communities through the promotion of access to activities related to school development, access to income, goods and services, and opportunities for the development of autonomy and construction of citizenship.

In Culture & Sport, it develops actions and supports projects that allow access to cultural events, such as theater, plastic arts and music among others, as well as projects focused on the training of young people in these areas. In Sport, in addition to access to sports activities, the projects also help reduce school dropout, improve participants’ qualification, rescue students’ self-esteem and social inclusion.

In a transversal way, the EDP Institute promotes and supports projects that present innovative components on several fronts. In these projects, the Social Innovation component is expressed through the implementation of new strategies to develop and strengthen the communities where it operates mainly in the areas of income generation, education, entrepreneurship, community development, health, and energy use.

By stimulating Volunteering, it contributes to the personal and social development of EDP Group employees. Employees can organize themselves into groups and receive the full support of the EDP Institute for the execution of voluntary activities, in line with corporate guidelines. The volunteering portal (voluntariado.edp.com) provides opportunities, promotes the dissemination of the concept of solidarity, and favors collaboration and internal cohesion. With this, the employee recognizes in the values of the company some of their personal values and, as a consequence, the improvement of the organizational climate is observed.

The EDP Institute manages and promotes various educational, cultural, sports, and environmental actions throughout Brazil, with the certainty that it is possible to transform the individual’s reality towards sustainable development. Following this premise, it has as vision, mission, and values:


To be a pioneer organization, a reference in the energy sector and in Brazil as an agent of socio-environmental transformation, aiming at sustainable development.


Promote business sustainability with the alignment of its three dimensions - economic, social, and environmental


  • Transparency

  • Rigor

  • Ethic

  • Efficiency

  • Respect


The EDP Institute bases its actions on four main focuses: Local Education & Development, Culture & Sport, Social Innovation and Volunteering.

In Education & Local Development, the actions aim to strengthen the human capital of communities by promoting access to school or extracurricular activities.

This focus also seeks to promote access to income, goods and services, opportunities, and the ability of each person to decide their own lives in the defense of their rights.

In Culture & Sport, the Institute is focused on developing actions that allow communities access to cultural manifestations, such as theater, plastic arts, and literature - recovering and preserving individual, collective, and territorial memories - and promoting various sports activities, lifting their self-esteem and the sense of collectivity and collaboration.

In the focus of Social Innovation new strategies are discussed to develop and strengthen the latest demands of society in working conditions, education, entrepreneurship, community development, health, and others.

Finally, by encouraging the Volunteering of our employees, we are sure to contribute to the personal and social development of EDP Group employees.

EDP Foundation (Portugal)

Created in 2004, it is headquartered in Lisbon, Portugal, and is one of the private institutions that invests the most in sustainable projects, occupying also a relevant position among the country’s cultural institutions. The EDP Foundation consolidates the EDP Group’s commitment to citizenship, promoting the sustainable development of the places where it is present, through five strategic values that define its vocation:

  • social innovation;
  • excellence in the arts;
  • fusion of energy with science and education;
  • promotion of sustainable cities;
  • building a corporate culture from EDP’s more than 12,000 employees.

EDP Foundation (Portugal)

Its mission is to collaborate so that the company and the society works in harmony with the construction of a sustainable and promising future for the next generations.

Fundação EDP Portugal

EDP Foundation (Spain)

The EDP Foundation is a non-profit entity incorporated in 1997, with its headquarters in Asturias, Spain. It focuses on the following areas of action aimed at stimulating sociocultural life.

  • granting of scholarships;
  • recovery and promotion of valuable elements of historical and artistic heritage;
  • support for different musical and cultural events;
  • enhancement and preservation of natural resources;
  • provision of funds to non-profit organizations working on behalf of the most disadvantaged.

EDP Foundation Spain

EDP Foundation Spain aims to reinforce the commitment of the EDP Group in the geographical areas in which it operates.

Fundação EDP Espanha