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EDP supports the Dentist of the Well Project and counts on the voluntary work of dental surgeons who attend in their own practice children and young people of low income between 11 and 17 years, providing them with free dental treatment until they complete 18 years. The treatment is performed in the dentist’s own voluntary office, and can be curative, preventive and educational. The Dentists of Good Project has volunteers spread all over Brazil, in ten countries in Latin America and in Portugal. In Brazil, during the last year, about 14 thousand dentists were involved and more than 31 thousand children were cared for.

For EDP to support the project Dentist of the Well means the company can support an initiative that contributes to the community development, promoting significant changes in oral health and quality of life for all young people served, in line with the strategy EDP Institute: to contribute to the social development of the communities in which it operates. There are 1,039 voluntary dentists and 2,852 beneficiaries In the concession areas of EDP.

The repercussion of the project is so great that the mission of the Dentists of Good also arrived in Portugal. Sponsored by the EDP Group, the project reaches, with great success, young people and Portuguese children.

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