principles e policies

The EDP Brasil Group manages its business with the objective of being an integrated company of reference in the Brazilian energy sector, ensuring full compliance with applicable standards and legislation.

The EDP Brasil Group considers that it is an ethical and civic duty to respect and follow the Constitution and the laws of the country in the execution of its business activities, contributing to the well-being of its citizens, to the sustainable development of the Group's businesses and to the Creation of value for all stakeholders.

The EDP Brasil Group Code of Ethics integrates the values ​​promoted by the Company in business management and defines the principles and behavioral values ​​expected and required from employees and suppliers.

1.1. Strategic Business Planning

As a business management tool, strategic planning guides decisions at all hierarchical levels, directing the use of available resources efficiently, ensuring the continuity and growth of the business, reinforcing its competitive position in the market.

The elaboration of the strategic planning is an institutionalized process, approved in the scope of the Board of Directors, permeates the entire Company, considers the challenges and the context of the EDP Brasil Group, regional market conditions, economic, financial, management and technical conditions, As well as the interests of its stakeholders.

1.2. Resource Management

The EDP Brasil Group establishes the guidelines and responsibilities to be observed in order to minimize the financial, operational, legal and regulatory impacts resulting from the unavailability of human, material and technological resources essential for the operation of its operations.

Faced with the commitment to be permanent, EDP Brasil Group seeks to ensure the sustainability of the business, ensuring that the processes and the support infrastructure are able to operate efficiently.

1.3. Operational Structure

The EDP Brasil Group aims to:

  • Ensure that business conduct is based on ethical principles, with transparency and equity, respecting human rights, internal rules and law;
  • Adopt socially responsible business practices, contributing to the development and well-being of the community;
  • Contribute to the development of individual and organizational skills, promoting the professional growth of employees;
  • Provide services to clients with safety, quality, efficiency, respect and integrity;
  • Encourage suppliers and contractors to adopt these guidelines;
  • Adopt asset management practices throughout its life cycle, aiming to continuously improve the level of reliability, safety, effectiveness and efficiency, to maximize the value invested in a sustainable way, mitigating associated risks and in compliance with legal requirements , Statutory, regulatory, financial and other applicable laws.