EDP Culture

The EDP Institute, through its supporting companies, privileges cultural heritage and national values, supporting and promoting quality cultural manifestations and the development of national artistic production, with emphasis on encouraging the formation of new artists.

The intervention of the EDP Group in Brazil in the cultural domain manifests itself transversally, namely in the support to the performing arts (theater, dance and others), fine arts and literature.

In addition to these areas, the EDP Institute seeks to support projects that rescue the regional artistic culture and expressions, in order to value them and guarantee them to future generations.

Know more here: projects selected in the EDP Institute's 2019-2020 notice.


EDP in Sports

Since 2008, EDP invests in sports valorization and dissemination projects in Brazil. Every year, projects are selected to receive investments from Group companies, through the Sports Incentive Law. The Institute manages the resource, the process of selection, monitoring, control and evaluation of projects.

The EDP Institute believes that sports practice stimulates physical and mental balance, contributes to human formation and to building healthy relationships with one’s own body, the environment and others. Through support for sports projects, it is possible to give children and young people access to different practices and, at the same time, to face the social challenges of the region, contributing positively to the improvement of the quality of life of schoolchildren. The selected projects should seek to promote initiatives that stimulate socialization, coexistence, compliance with rules, healthy habits and sharing of well-being moments.


Know more here: projects selected in the EDP Institute's 2019-2020 notice.

EDP in Arts

EDP in Arts Awards already is at its 7th edition, looking for consolidate one plataform of search and discuss around contemporany production, providing options and spaces for the sucess of new names in the artistic cenário at Brazil.

The chosen artists, with ages in between 18-29, receives advices from júri trought visits at their studios and also get the oportunity of one collective exposithion at Tomie Ohtake Institute. Those who are selected as the best works wins international residences.

EDP in Arts also promotes workshops, residences, publications and other informantions activites.

EDP Nas Artes 2020
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Vagalume – Community Libraries

Associação Vagalume

Stimulate and democratize acess to art and culture trought the construction of Community libraries at Ferreira Gomes (AP) and Laranjal do Jari (AP) cities.



Brincando com Pipas


Provide knowlegde about energy safety and prevention for children of Guarulhos city trought workshops, talks and creative activities.



Project Energizze

Instituto das Pretas

Provide a social and behavior change at Nova Rosa da Penha (ES) area trought non violent communication, collective construction and innovation.



Litros de Luz – Nova Jabaeté

Um Litro de Luz Brasil

Construction of 60 solar stations of low cost in areas without public illumination at Jabaeté (ES). This project counted on the participation of EDP volunteers, who worked together with the Community members.



Colo de Mãe

Associação Guadalupe

Work with pregnants attended by Guadalupe Association, providing activities looking for income provides, specialization and self esteem.




Jovem Empreendedor Rural

ADEL – Agência de Desenvolvimento Econômico Local

Provide oportunity for young entrepreneurships from São Gonçalo do Amarante (CE) trought workshops and social inclusion.



Novos Ventos

EMEF Nossa Senhora das Dores

Free workshops of different musical instruments for students of public school Nossa Senhora das Dores, in Tramandaí (RS).



Educação Empreendedora


Improves public politics in two strategic point for economic and human development: Education and Income provided through Dreamshaper plataform.